Who We Are

Primethor is one of Nigeria’s largest property development companies delivering beautiful and quality homes across Nigeria at exceptional value. With in-house architecture, development management, construction, facilities, and property management teams, we ensure that our projects are delivered to the highest standards, on schedule and budget.

For years, the indigenous real estate landscape has been adrift with words like luxury, premium, sustainable, and more recently smart homes. At Primethor, we believe all these adjectives are contextual, because they mean different things to different people. Our prime focus always is to choreograph experiences that people would love to come back to. Our clear mandate is to develop destinations that draw inspiration from life and demonstrate elegance, harmony, and balance. Across our real estate projects, our focus is to create unique residential communities where no two experiences are alike.


Property investment is at the core of our offering. We are making a real commitment to developing not only beautiful new homes to live in but also investments that grow in value and produce long-term cash flow for our clients. Our homes are perfect for investors due to their high quality, low maintenance, exceptional locations, and affordable price points. Whether you are starting out or you want to expand your portfolio we will show you how to build wealth through property. So reach out to our team.


If you are a landowner that is interested in monetizing and obtaining the best financial return for your land investments then a joint venture with a leading and reputable real estate company like Primethor that has the capital and resources to be able to unlock the best return on your land could be an opportunity worth exploring.

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